Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kimberly @ Varykino
591 Wildrose Circle
Lynden, WA

Hey, it's a Brain Cell Fractal! PLUS!


Anonymous said...

"One minute you have a picture of TRUMAN BENTLEY JR., the next day his father ALEISTER CROWLEY! Ross hhhhelp us!"

Mirion Tithes
23 Anacosta Way
Milburn Texas 56432

Anonymous said...

"VARY KINOOOOO. We love her. VARY KKKKINO we love her. Her thick decopaged postcards using wallpaper and thick paints. She drives the post man bats."

Man Defillion Raogee
#3 Xi Pat Tahn Blvd.
Tinnoh Hau, Thailand

Anonymous said...

"BENTSPOON now on news stands is great! I just got the March 2011 issue and I have a question? Who is that super model Emily standing next to you Ross at that Country Club Steeple Chase Party? Ever since you chose that Canadian Oil Sand option the dividends have been noticable. How's the LOTUS? Does it have the upgraded pullys and Weber carbs? Wow Ross, and to think you got RICH off of mail art."

Randy Witherspoon
1311 Clark Avenue
Halfrey Texas, 87451