Wednesday, March 02, 2011

addnpass from Mike Dickau, Yours Truly, David Stanley Aponte, Amie Carson &

Guido Bondioli
Apto. 22 Panajachel
07010 Solola


Anonymous said...

That RAY WATSTON RABBIT looks like a used EVER LASTING GOBSTOPPER from the original WILLY WONKA film. Every time I look at those things I feel like I need to buy some ANUSOL or some TUCKS.

Butch Brockinz

Anonymous said...

Lay off ROY WATSTON. He was ahead of his slime. He was the first to break free with air plugs. Though they didn't work, he inspired the country singer ROY CLARKE to bust out with the HAIR PLUG GERI CURL for men! HEE! HAW!

Fake Idiot karen
000,1/2 Chapbook pain
Zinesuc, OIKNOW, Japan