Wednesday, March 09, 2011

addnpass from Sigismund Urban, Massimo Medola, Elke Grundmann,

Via Miramare, 10/7
16016 Cogoleto


David Stanley Aponte



Anonymous said...

That girl is rubbery like a balloon. When you pinch her with water on your fingers it SQUEAKS like pinching a balloon and in your mind you say it is like PINCHING A PIG. Pinch a pig is the squeak sound of the tight hose of Betty of the rubber girl. Anyone who glues images of this sort on a PASS AND ADD SHEET is a freak who never has been with a girl. A Star Trek Dungeons and Dragons Convention Pokemon freak.

Anonymous said...

That man in the yellow dress is that BAKED BOSTON BEAN blogger.

drosspriddle said...

hey tru, guess who i have as a facebook friend?

Dita VonTeese!