Friday, January 20, 2012

POB 2632
Bellingham, WA


Anonymous said...

Ross Priddles. Go through all of the old mail. Any pristine unscathed stamps cut the corner of the envelope off and send them to me for my stamp collection. Sincerely the friend of Joe Skinner. P.S. Relax. Frankie Says Relax.

Anonymous said...

Ross Priddle. Ihn watching FRIDAY. Now watching NEXT FRIDAY. ICE CUBE-CRAIG daddy is done stopped up the camole. Spraying air freshener all over the place. It making me sick. Gonna vomick. Don't watch FRIDAY or NEXT FRIDAY with ICE CUBE. That movie show make you sick tuh vomick watching CRAIG DADDY doo dooing all the time.

The Magical World of Jacqueline said...

LOL I watched Friday last night. Get off the comp and make some art,Truman. :p

Anonymous said...

Ross. It has rained for seven days straight. I am going crazy. Yesterday I took the two small boxes I have of extra old copies of the newsletter and dumped them into a garbage can outside in the area where I mix paint. I'm stirring them ocasionally with a shovel. The can is full of water. It turned orange from all the orange paper. Once pulp I'm going to grab out globs and mix it with glue to mush around wire frames to create doll sized voodoo dolls. The bodies made out of Newsletter pulp. Then I'll let them dry in the sun. If they turn out good I'll send you one. I almost snapped and dumped the box of all the hand made master copies in too. I'm kind of glad I didn't ruin those. Anyhow I'm going to make the doll effigy style sculpture thingys with newsletter pulp.